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New blog: Climate Scepticism

There's a new blog in the Climate blogosphere with a contributors list of: Alex Cull, Ian Woolley, Scepticus, dwestonfront, Paul Matthews, Geoff Chambers, Richard Drake, Barry Woods, and John Shade.

Add it to your blog roll - it sounds interesting already!

Check it out here 


"Should we celebrate CO2?" - Cartoon notes by Josh


Click image for larger version

Here are last night's cartoon notes from a superb GWPF Annual Lecture by Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace. You can read the lecture here.

The answer is, unequivocally, yes!

Cartoons by Josh


Nursery Rimes - Josh 347

On the eve of the opening of the COP 21 in Paris, a new study published Oct. 12 in the journal Nature Climate Change by an international team of researchers based at KEDGE Business School, University of Leeds, University of Bonn and University of Rome demonstrates that Summaries for Policymakers produced since 1990 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are too difficult to read.

Read about it in Nature here.

Cartoons by Josh


Fiddle me this - Josh 346

Volkswagen has been found cheating on US emissions tests. But with the Green Blob fiddling everything from Renewables to Global Temperatures, it's no wonder they thought this was ok. Some like Stephen Glover blame green zealots directly.

Cartoons by Josh


The Monsoon, variability & climate change - Cartoon sketchnotes by Josh

Click image for a larger version

Last night Dr Madhav Khandekar, a former Environment Canada scientist and expert reviewer for the 2007 IPCC Report, gave a talk on the Indian monsoon, variability and climate change. The talk was organised by the GWPF and held at the House of Commons in London.  Madhav is also the author of the GWPF report on 'Global Warming - Extreme Weather Link'.

The main message seemed to be that the monsoon impacts 4 billion people and yet is the biggest climate anomaly on the planet. The variability of the monsoon is not well understood and the current climate models are not as useful as the older statistical-empirical model which uses large-scale atmosphere-ocean circulation patterns.

You can download the Powerpoint slides here

Please do let me know if I got something wrong on the sketchnotes above and I will amend - it was a challenge to keep up!

Cartoons by Josh




Desperate Dana - Josh 345

The Emma Thompson Newsnight interview made it to the Guardian. The writer Dana Nuccitelli (ironically an employee of Tetra Tech who have interests in the Oil and Gas industry) explains that Emma Thompson was wrong but in the right sort of way, unlike other people who are wrong in the wrong sort of way.

Unhinged. Why would we ever trust them to tell the truth about anything?

Cartoons by Josh


Unbalanced - Josh 344


On Wednesday the BBC's Newsnight interviewed Emma Thompson on the newsworthy topic of left wing activists protesting about drilling for oil in the Arctic. And refugees. And voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

Emma clearly did not have a clue what she was talking about - even Richard Betts, from the Met Office, said she was wrong (good on you, Richard). Ed Hawkins, Climate Scientist, also tweeted "what Emma Thompson said was scientifically inaccurate & implausible." 

Sadly Emma had not got the memo on coal not being the 'dirtiest' fuel. It isnt, biofuels and wood burning stoves are worse - the Guardian is not very keen on them either.

Newsnight's Emily Maitlis suggested Emma get herself arrested. Hmm.

Cartoons by Josh

[Update: added Ed's Tweet]


A Prime Review - Josh 343

Ruth Dixon's excellent book review of "Why are we waiting?" by Nicholas Stern is well worth reading. You can download a pdf version here.

As the cartoon notes, the question 'Why are we waiting?' has already been answered by David Cameron. But today we read that Naomi Klein disagrees with Stern - Naomi thinks the only solution is a 'public uprising' to end capitalism.

Something they might like to sort out before Paris, eh.

Cartoons by Josh


Fruit loop - Josh 342

David Appell has been hard at work here on BishopHill. Although highly diverting I am not sure we learned a great deal except that Mr. Appell is keen on circular arguments.

But some of the comments were inspiring, so thank you!

Cartoons by Josh


Stern words - Josh 341


Wasted Green - Josh 340

This week there's news that the Obama administration is to fork out $12 billion in new Federal loan guarantees for renewables businesses - somewhat ironic considering the debt-laden ill wind blowing in from the East at the moment.

Cartoons by Josh


Scam, scam, scam - Josh 339

Another well known scam that does not seem to bother 'them upstairs'. Astonishing.

Cartoons by Josh


Leavers on the line - Josh 338

In the news today (The Sunday Times "BBC pulls plug on Met Office") we learn that the BBC is not going to renew the Met Office's contract to provide weather forecasts. Interesting. Maybe we will see a Corbyn giving us the weather in the future.

Cartoons by Josh


"A Disgrace to the Profession" by Mark Steyn - now available

In the US you can order Mark Steyn's book here and orders can be shipped to the UK, if not from Amazon then try Mark's own bookstore.

It has cartoons by me and was a fun project to be involved in. It is also a hugely entertaining and informative read and, although I might be slightly biased, I think this is going to be this summer's must-read climate tome!

Posted by Josh


Cooked Motl - Josh 337

Apparently John Cook, of Skeptical Science blog, has been impersonating Lubos Motl, see Lubos blog here, also reported on WUWT and the Air Vent, here and here

Why John Cook thought this was a good idea remains a mystery. But then it has been a strange week with Peter Wadhams convinced there is a conspiracy against him. Are the alarmists getting alarmed?

Cartoons by Josh

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