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Andrew K on the DCSF spend

I am grateful to a reader, Andrew K, who has been doing some digging into the DCSF spend on my behalf. I should note in passing that John Redwood has been picking up on this story too - I'm not sure if prompted by my blog posting or not though.

Rather than rewrite Andrew K's comments, I'm just reproducing what he has reported to me with minor edits. I'm particularly intrigued by the enormous benevolence of DCSF to postcode NW5 1TL.

A text filter on "Connexions" gives a total of £11.8m, almost double the amount you quoted [in your earlier post].

Similarly Educational Digital Ltd (£7.8m) also appears to be Teachers' TV, making the total paid to them £16.4m.

A total of £14.3m has been paid to postcode NW5 1TL. Of this, £181k has gone to Brook Advisory Centre (two credirors for this) and £14.2m has gone to six creditors who are variants on a theme of National Family & Parenting Institute/Parentline Plus

Mange on the Move (£1,927.92) is not, as you might think, a travelling vet but rather a catering service


A4E £378k They talk the talk, but what exactly do they do?

Adfam £51k For families of drug users: latest turnover £638k Seems fairly worthy, but this looks like posturing

4PS £492k This is the Local Government Association by another name

A National Voice £230k an organisation run for and by young people who are or have been in care Latest turnover £277k, so most of income apparently from DCSF

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse £90k "an organisation concerned about cruelty against the African child" Latest turnover £218k

Aldeburgh Productions £195k

Alligan/Alligan Ltd(two creditor numbers) £337k "Alligan exists to ensure the successful transformation of organisations in the education sector. We have considerable experience in providing specialist services tailored to the needs of our clients." Consultants

Alpine Consortium £256k Seems to cover a multitude of sins: procurement/recruitment/consultancy

Amateur Swimming Association £994k WTF?

SW12 9DQ "Annual Maintenance Grant" £160k Postcode is for Bank of Ireland, Balham.

Appleyards Ltd £2.6million Consultants? "Appleyards are delighted to have been chosen to act as Project Managers for the feasibility stage for two proposed new academies in Richmond."

Ark/Ark Conferences Ltd/Ark Educational Ltd £26.5million Academies?

Partnerships for Schools £16.7million Quango Partnerships for Schools (PfS) is responsible for delivering (sic)the government's secondary school renewal programme.

Substance 2005 Ltd £1.0 million Vewy pwetencious "We gather information – engaging, listening, reviewing, searching and consulting. We use participatory qualitative research techniques. This involves being with people, interviewing, observing and facilitating dialogue. We develop and make use of a range of new technologies and web based tools in our desire to go beyond the simplistic collation and dissemination of statistics.

We analyse, process and communicate information – through web based monitoring and evaluation, mapping and consultation exercises. We organise conferences, seminars and public events. We publish research reports, articles, guides and web based materials. We are always exploring new ways to communicate our findings and ideas."

"Substance 2005 Limited is registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 Register No. 30017 R
Registered 14 November 2005Substance is also a member of Co-operatives UK - the union of co-operative enterprises"


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Reader Comments (1)

Mange on the Move? Who the hell would trust their catering to a company that is named after a parasitic infestation?

Aug 1, 2009 at 3:07 AM | Unregistered CommenterDocBud

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