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English home educators to flee the country?

Schoolhouse, the Home Ed charity working in Scotland, is reporting a fourfold increase in inquiries as English home educators hedge their bets on the outcome of the HE review south of the border.

Schoolhouse spokesperson, Alison Preuss, said:

"Our volunteers have been dealing with a growing number of enquiries from England since the home education review was first announced in January, but these have skyrocketed in recent weeks. The latter half of June saw a fourfold increase when compared with the same period last year. We are not only being asked about the law relating to home education in Scotland, but about the political climate, transport links, housing, employment and business opportunities by parents who are making plans to move to Scotland as the direct result of stigmatisation of home educators by the UK Government.



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Reader Comments (1)

The long winter nights and colder climate would be a major bummer on the gardening front (my olive tree would definitely not survive). But it is still something to consider if Badman's recommendations do go through and things become as totalitarian and shite as they potentially could.

How insane is it that I have to even THINK about leaving the country of my birth because the government thinks it OWNS my child?

Aug 9, 2009 at 7:36 PM | Unregistered CommenterFirebird

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