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Jo Abbess's fifteen minutes of fame

The Harrabin/Abbess story continues to reverberate. It's now crossed the Atlantic and has been picked up by Instapundit and a TV programme called the Glen Beck show, as well as a host of online commentators.


There's an interesting point at towards the end, where Beck reveals that the BBC is refusing to comment on the story, which I suppose is entirely understandable, if not forgiveable.

Benny Peiser's CCNet email newsletter is still digging away at the story too (and even includes my story about the BBC stealth editing guidelines as its headline - thanks for the mention!).  

Meanwhile Peter Risdon has a whole new BBC climate story, with environment correspondent Richard Black lining up scientists to criticise Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark's cosmic ray theory of climate change, but failing to include Svensmark's reponse (if he asked for one at all). And intriguingly, Black has demanded that all of his correspondence with Risdon be kept confidential. What can he possibly have said?


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