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Some new fake charities

Renegade Parent notes that the government campaign against home educators is being implemented through fake charities. We already know about the NSPCC, but it appears that BECTA and the Inclusion Trust are also just extensions of government.

Meanwhile the Englishman has a story about the Blood Pressure Association who look to be a prime example of a nanny state quango and a fake charity to boot.

I hope you guys are going to submit these to the database...


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Reader Comments (1)

This business of "putting back what was there before" needs to be squashed. It is absurd. It means nothing can ever change. So trees grew on a peat bog; so what? There used to be a peat bog, now there's a wood. So what? Why does it matter? Who are these arseholes?

We already have the situation where if you're restoring a listed building then you are not allowed to remove trashy 1960's steel window frames because they are "what was there before", so you must replace them like-for-like regardless of expense, appearance, insulation properties, or anything else. Ditto for totally unsuitable Victorian brickwork tagged onto a medieval building. Bonkers.

It's crazy and it's time is was stopped.

Apologies for rant.
May 20, 2009 at 10:10 AM | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Duffin

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