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Prototype page for the New York Times website

A whole new approach to newspaper website design at the NYT. (via here).

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I looked at the NYT new web design, and it is a good one but limited in scope. Each page contains a 14 boxes each with a news or comment item and no scrolling is needed. To find out more the reader clicks on a subject menu which contains 17 headings, (at the left hand side of the page). So it would appear that the new eNYT will consist of 238 items only, which I am sure is only a fraction of that available now.

However the famous NYT spin remains unchanged! I looked at menu item 3, "World" and came across an article about a lawyer who was found guilty by an Italian court. It is only near the end of the second page that his marital connection with Tessa Jowell is made, (almost as a trivial aside). She is described as "British Olympics minister", which implies that she is a person of little consequence. That may be the case today but she has held other places in British Labour Cabinets, and in the early stages of the case her family connection with Mills was widely reported in the British press.
The article couldn't have been designed better if the NYT actively wanted to obscure this issue from the wider American and world readership.
Feb 19, 2009 at 12:03 AM | Unregistered CommenterPeter Melia

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