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Basher for Liberty news 8

The debate

The Register reports on how the police are confiscating film from innocent photographers. In unrelated news, the police say that they are disappointed that David Davis thinks they are against civil liberties. Whatever can have given him that idea, eh officer?

DD was on You and Yours discussing detention without charge with the public and someone from the Royal United Services Institute. Finally, someone in favour of 42 days is willing to put their heads above the parapet. Audio here.

Dan Vevers, writing at The UK Libertarian Party blog, discusses attempts to prevent demonstrations and a possible use of agents provocateur.

Sparring partners

David Icke is to stand. As activity on the civil liberties debate gears up, I'm increasingly concluding that the quality of the opponents in H&H don't matter.

The campaign

Unlock Democracy are going to campaign for civil liberties in H&H. They need cash to do so and you can donate here.

LibDem Voice says its readers support Nick Clegg's decision not to oppose Davis.

Basher's been updating his website again, blasting Tony McNulty for attempting to rebut some of DD's criticisms now that DD is no longer in the House of Commons to answer him, having failed to do so in the parliamentary debates. He also responds to comments by the Association of Chief Police Officers about CCTV.

Yorkshire Guidon says that DD always refuses to debate with the LibDems.

Why did he do it?

Benedict Brogan reckons DD wants to be the next speaker of the House of Commons. Iain Dale isn't convinced.

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