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There is no consensus, anyway

There's a very interesting article here, which summarises and indexes a series of profiles of some global warming sceptics. These are not a few obscure eggheads in out of the way colleges - there are some big name scientists in there.

My series set out to profile the dissenters -- those who deny that the science is settled on climate change -- and to have their views heard. To demonstrate that dissent is credible, I chose high-ranking scientists at the world's premier scientific establishments. I considered stopping after writing six profiles, thinking I had made my point, but continued the series due to feedback from readers. I next planned to stop writing after 10 profiles, then 12, but the feedback increased. Now, after profiling more than 20 deniers, I do not know when I will stop -- the list of distinguished scientists who question the IPCC grows daily, as does the number of emails I receive, many from scientists who express gratitude for my series.

The consensus is a myth. 

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Reader Comments (1)

I could not agree more that the consensus is a myth.

However, there are those who do believe that we are in a phase of global warming. I think the biggest argument over the science is to whether it is man made or not.

Personally I am a believer in phases, and our planet is just going through a phase as it always has done, and that these phases are entirely natural.

The too-ing and fro-ing between ice ages and warm periods has been going on long before man, and will be going on long after we have gone.

It has little or nothing to do with what we do whilst we are here.

Jun 3, 2007 at 5:48 PM | Unregistered CommenterIanP

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