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Order 39 again?

I chanced across a thread at Tim Worstall's just now. It was something to do with an article John Pilger wrote about Iraq and oil. Tim seems to have come off rather the worse of it, and frankly I haven't the inclination to read the whole thing. However one thing Pilger wrote did grab my attention:

Under a law written by American and British officials, the Iraqi puppet regime is about to hand over the extraction of the largest concentration of oil on earth to Anglo-American companies.

Firstly, isn't there an Iraqi government now? Don't they write the laws? Or can the occupying armies still write laws if they like?

If not, then is this handover happening under a law written before the Iraqi government was put in place? Like Order 39, the decree made by Paul Bremer, which Michael Meacher misrepresented as requiring wholesale privatisation of the oil, the factories and the mines to benefit rapacious western capitalists? (It turned out that Order 39 related to Foreign Direct Investment rather than privatisation, and specifically excluded the extractive industries). 

Just asking. 

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