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Another Virginia shooting

Via Outside Story, another sad tale of a lone gunman shooting innocents at a Virginia campus. This time, the slaughter took place at the Appalachian School of Law in 2002. A disgruntled student called Peter Odighizuwa opened fire, killing two members of faculty and a student, and injuring three others. So far, so much like massacre at Virginia Tech. But from then on, the stories unwind to entirely different outcomes.

The ending Virginia Tech is well documented. At Appalachian Law, however, two students called Tracy Bridges and Mikael Gross heard the gunshots and rushed to their cars to arm themselves. They then returned to the scene of the shooting and challenged Odighizuwa as he left the building where he had just murdered three people. He was quickly disarmed and subdued by other students.

The BBC article about the Appalachian Law shootings is here. It slipped the minds of the Beeboids to mention the fact that the successful disarming of the gunman and the prevention of further murders was only brought about by the fact that two of the students were able to arm themselves. According to the Beeb, the gunman was "wrestled to the ground by fellow students".  I would characterise this omission by the BBC as lying.

You can't trust the BBC. Pass it on. 


The BBC has recently published a list of campus shootings in America. They've forgotten to put in Appalachian Law at all. 

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