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Bad news rising, I'm afraid.
Anthony has just revealed that we're about to break through the 400 ppm barrier for atmospheric Carbon - a malevolent by-product of fossil-fuelled capitalism and unbridled technology; the full evil of which is documented here:
For those who want a link to Mr Watt's article, here it is:
It's not as if it's difficult to recognise - a quick pictorial google of the BBC site will reward all researchers with any number of cooling-tower and car-exhaust images spewing out this poisonous pollutant - but mankind, assisted by a shadowy, yet, compliant planet, is still belching out 100% of this deadly chemical - 24x7!
Honestly folks; I'm worried.
Yes, I'm really concerned about the future of life on earth, but that's months and months away according to the experts; it's the fate of the eco-dischordata phylum class and, for this appeal, I've chosen the 350 (CCCL) dot organism species as meriting your support.
In a nutshell, we need to apply the brakes and lose 50 ppm of kemicals to avoid a hollywood hell.
How do we draw away from the Frach One cliff of 400 ppm that's about to suck us down into Hell and get back to to the state of grace where the rich man was in his castle with the poor man at his gate?
Easy; we ask and answer simple questions on our eco-site e.g.
Q:What is the correct form of address to politely request our Indian and Chinese friends to desist from building a new coal-powered station every week?
A: Comrade, please stop...
Q: 97% of Western scientists tell us that we're 100% of the reason why computer models prove that we're bad dudes. Do you agree?
A: Sadly yes, my friend. Give us your money.
Q: When should we start converting coal-based power plants to fracked gas or nuclear to zap emissions?
A: ASAP - once planning permisssion has been given.
Without stealing any of CCCL dot org's thunder (for when they start asking, and answering, these questions) can any of the Bishop's congregation come up with suggestions to help them in their quest to save our wee Gaia?
PS - The answer 'Only £3 a month' will be RC'ed into the whoreball (did I spell that correctly?)

May 1, 2013 at 1:27 AM | Unregistered CommenterRoyFOMR