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- The Alternative Reality that the Ugly Sister journalists contruct
- in 2002 Daily Mail journalists "truly believed" in MMR danger and construct an alternative reality
- in 2013 BBC & Guardian journalists "Truly Believe" in CAGW and also continually construct a fantasy world.

- Shukman on BBC From Our Own Correpsondent about the Sami (reindeer herders in Sweden) .."the shorter winters are forcing them to change the pattern of their hurting"
1.are the winters shorter ?
Notice how Shukman makes it seem like a negative, but actually supplies no negative facts
2 Wouldn't warmer winters be more productive Sami ?
also - "Chernobyl made a radioactive cloud which contaninated 1000s of their reindeer" this true? no compensation ? ..did they lose from Chernobyl ?
I found this from U of Texas
"Similarly, the Norwegian government estimated from virtually no risk on one end, and up to 150 new cases of cancer in 50 years as a consequence of Chernobyl." thats is pretty flaming tiny
"In 2002, the SSI admitted that it had set the initial bequerel level too low and that perhaps hundreds of thousands of deer were consequently destroyed needlessly."

- Also speaking on the Science Cafe on BBC Radio Wales :
Steve Ormerod, Policy Maker & Chairman of the RSPB
When asked about this long winter somehow said there had been an early warm period. before the snow which had fooled some birds that true ? ..sounds like an alternative reality to me

Apr 21, 2013 at 5:40 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

- * Tim Flannery on BBC WS Newshour now, allowed free reign with his "Australi'a climate commission report says China is going green"
.. since this idea follows the "too strange to be true" rule please someone jump in with a rebuttal

* Australia's Chief commissioner Paid for activism not science . He Heads the Australia Climate Commission although he has no climate science qualifications. Famous for his dud predictions.
- see the report in The Age "China pushes forward on renewable energy: report
- When I dig I see this new report seems CONVENIENT for a question on CC website FAQ "Should Australia have a carbon price when China is increasing its emissions?". Seems to me Flannery's lies are PROPAGANDA in answer to question
- TOM NELSON nails Flannery's lie "China has halved its growth in electricity demand" ... too good to possibly be true

Apr 29, 2013 at 4:55 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

- I just heard the worlds biggest solar panel maker Chin'a Suntech went bankrupt last month with debts of $1bn, credit ABC did report that, BBC managed the story without the word bankrupt. (short report says "fallen into financial trouble." but video has a different tone : "China ..once seen as the flag bearers.. shine definitely come off" ) but that is after many fawning reports about how good they are "this is amazing scale of China's renewables industry , huge" etc.
- Well MIT Technology Review used a different headline Solar Downturn Casts a Shadow Over Innovation "..isn’t the only solar company teetering on the edge. Almost all of the world’s largest solar panel makers are in danger of going bankrupt within a year, "

- When it comes to Green the compliant media bigs up the positives, but is almost silent on the negatives.

- In the same BBC report above after gushing about suntech he moves onto Nova Solar .."We are VERY VERY Positive"
...oh what's this ? Nova Solar files for bankruptcy 19 Jun 2012..actually the BBC report finally ends saying "China's plans are for Greenhouse gas emmissions TO DOUBLE by 2030"

- I like the Ecomists headline about the situation Suntech's bankruptcy
Beyond Profit
.."Unconfirmed rumours are swirling that the local government in Wuxi is already organising some sort of bail-out."... 6 weeks and nothins happened

- So Flannery's bigging up Green China seems quite different from reality.

Apr 30, 2013 at 2:56 PM | Registered Commenterstewgreen