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Discussion > Farewell CG3 (With a Whimper, not a Bang!)

I feel a wee bit cheated;about CG3 that is. When the news about FOIA's release of the password came out, I got all pumped up thinking that this would sound the death-knell of the kamikaze energy-policies that have blighted our national prospects, for what seems like, forever!
I, of course, was as wrong-headed as per normal.
The fatal blows had already been set in motion:-

CG1- with its behind-the-curtain glimpses of dodgy mindsets and dodgier dealings.

A planetary response to Man-Made Climate projections that mocked more than mandated their conclusions by stubbornly refusing to boil the oceans.

Frequent arcane and, too the layman, often baffling mathematical and scientific criticisms against publically-funded peer-reviewed studies made by unpaid, but highly-trained experts motivated by nothing more than a rage against how the hijacking of their speciality subjects by incompetent (but certified by friendly incompetents) and highly-paid academics had been misused to mislead political actors;
but the ultimate nail in the coffin of consensus climatology comes from the dawning realisation in the minds of a growing number of journalists that they've been had!

Now, it's not comfortable to think that you've been duped. Often, ref.George Monbiot, we revert to denying that we got hoodwinked (IIRC- he was one angry dude after CG1 - calling for a (metaphoric -see JD) neck-tie party for certain individuals at UEA).
Glad to see that he's calmed down since then:)
CG3 is irrelevant. FOIA achieved the beginning of the end in November 2009.
Yes, the diehards will battle on but the Unknown Soldier, as it always was, won the battle
Thank you, whoever you are

Apr 17, 2013 at 2:29 AM | Unregistered CommenterRoyFOMR