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Yes, as the wise lady said afterwards of Ms Jonas: "I watched the film and said again and again 'I could never have done that.'" I felt exactly the same. But without such courage the world falls apart. So we should honour those that give the lead and follow as best we can.

Oct 31, 2014 at 5:09 PM | Registered CommenterRichard Drake

I'm off for good this time. The decision never to edit BH again, apart from logistics on real-world meetings (please let me in next Tuesday!), I think deserves putting some myths about it to bed in advance. So:

1. I've hugely enjoyed it here
2. I don't think climate is the most important subject we have to confront but it is important. I wish BH himself and all who stick around here well
3. I remain more interested in the dynamics and sociology of social media than climate. That may have caused clashes here that were hard for others to understand. Sorry about my part in that
4. The decision was made this morning before reading any of the responses to what I wrote to esmiff on the Joel Barnett thread yesterday. But on that I have a few more things to say before boarding my flight.

First, what esmiff did on that thread reminded me of this. Partly why this is here. I chose not to ask any questions that time, because of inappropriate disruption it would cause. But it really disgusted me. Some questions are I think still in order but they won't be asked by me.

Second, I felt sure someone would make me equally to blame as esmiff and that someone would soon refer to him as Smiffy as if he was as cuddly as an eccentric pet. "Cuddle that and you'll never play the guitar again," as Basil once said to Manuel. But maybe he really is a pedigree Siberian hamster, not one part of a highly vindictive group of names and nyms who aim to control the discourse on BH to prevent anything really damaging to CAGW ever being organised here.

Last, appreciation to many but I want to single out Geoff Chambers, easily one of my favourite BH contributors, for this reason: in agreeing I was equally to blame as esmiff yesterday and expressing some praise for me as around equal to someone I find, at best, the most boring and off-topic here he illustrates well that seldom do all our Christmases come at once on any social media. I still appreciate him and many others. Bye now.

Nov 6, 2014 at 12:40 PM | Registered CommenterRichard Drake