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Mar 4, 2013 at 5:59 PM | Unregistered Commenterdiogenes

@James P
Dave will have to ask Frau Merkel that one I think, I'd be happy if she said yes.

Mar 4, 2013 at 4:10 PM | Unregistered CommenterSandyS

'I make £4,000 a year being energy efficient'

No you don't, you stuck some PV panels on your roof and the Govt gives you a generation rate many times the true market rate, except the money comes from others who cannot or will not put these stupid panels on their roofs.

Mar 4, 2013 at 4:04 PM | Registered CommenterBreath of Fresh Air

On Chnl 4 Countdown today, and for the rest of the week, BBCs tame idiot Chris Packham has been advising us that: Greenland is melting and this will lead to higher water levels. Also that polar bears numbers are dropping and that they are endangered. As soon as i saw he was the week's guest i knew he was going to go on anout Climate Change.

Do these buggers never give up?

P.S. that is buggers in the sense of annoying idiots, not the other type of buggers!

I must look out for a replay of Countdown later on so I can record it and write in full what he drivelled on about.

Mar 4, 2013 at 3:07 PM | Registered Commenterpeterwalsh


The Spiegel article points out the misleading nature of quoting 'installed capacity' when comparing conventional and 'renewable' power generation. Only very rarely do the media point out that a 1kW solar panel never ever produces 1kW of usable electricity.

This fallacy must be challenged every time it is trotted out.

Mar 4, 2013 at 3:04 PM | Unregistered CommenterBrent Hargreaves


If Germany doesn't want its nuclear power stations any more, can we have them..?

Mar 4, 2013 at 2:42 PM | Unregistered CommenterJames P

Environment Agency chairman Chris Smith and BBC's Harrabin still at it and talking bollocks:

UK must adapt for weather extremes, says Environment Agency
Comments (453)
By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst

New figures from the agency show that one in every five days saw flooding in 2012, but one in four days saw drought.

Rivers such as the Tyne, Ouse and Tone fell to their lowest and rose to their highest flows since records began, within a four-month period of the year.

Lord Smith said urgent action was vital to help "prepare and adapt" many aspects of Britain for such extremes.

Meteorologists fear that extremes of weather may increase as global temperatures slowly rise.

Met Office analysis has suggested that the UK could experience a severe short-term drought, similar to the drought experienced in 1976, once a decade.


Does anyone know the peak flow of the River Tyne (Newcastle) last summer? I bet it was no where near as big as the peak flow of 1771 when it was estimated* to be >3000cumecs.

*Archer, N (1993) Discharge estimate for Britain's greatest flood: River Tyne - 17th November 1771. Proc. Fourth Nat. Hydrol. Snyn. Cardiff September 1993 pages 4.1-4.6.

Mar 4, 2013 at 2:15 PM | Registered Commenterlapogus


"Solar energy has recently experienced nothing less than an extreme and even excessive boom,"

Mar 4, 2013 at 2:06 PM | Unregistered CommenterBarry Woods

Has anybody read this on the BBC website.

Who pays for the greening of Germany?
Under what's called the "Energiewende", the economy is being re-engineered to cope with the closing of all its nuclear power stations and the ramping up of wind and solar power to fill the gap.

Good luck on filling the gap after the experience so far in 2013

Mar 4, 2013 at 1:14 PM | Unregistered CommenterSandyS

More climate-change nonsense from the Telegraph

Historic town walls crumbling 'because of climate change'

Colin Richards, head of conservation and archaeology for Shropshire, said: “It’s amazing that they have stood for 800 years and the climate change that has affected them over the last couple of years has wreaked so much damage.”

Mar 4, 2013 at 12:19 PM | Unregistered CommenterScottie

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