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Discussion > OCO-2 CO2 Mapper + Data Visualisation

The State of Play

Launched July 2014 planned mission duration 2 years.
Project Overview at
Project Useful mission info from NASA Hyperspectral Imaging Workshop 2011
obligatory OCO-2 Wikipedia

The vehicle/instrument would appear to be approaching 40% of its designated lifespan.

Latest news (JPL) (here)
L2 product scheduled for June 19 2015 (Derived geophysical variables - georeferenced)

What the public have seen - 2 low res GIFs

NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Centre - the data repository.

"Official" OCO2 news dries up Oct 2014

The "get the data" link from the operators (JPL) to the repository lands onto the top level Goddard menu.... The GSFC documentation does not even mention the latest revision (V7 at this time)

Goddard Data Search Mirador OCO-2

Level 2 CO2 data


Windows : HDF View should (does) open NASA .h5 files

Anybody out there with anything to add?

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