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Discussion > Flights, motorbike/car trips the BH REWARD disLOYALTY scheme

Join the scheme & Reward Trolls disLOYALTY with CO2

- We normally have nice civilised debates here and we learn so much.
- It's an open debate and uncensored unlike the rigorous "thought police" censoring that goes on at SkepticalScience or the Guardian
- Everyone is welcome cos this site is not about promoting one side of the debate skeptic or alarmist, it's about advancing towards TRUTH.
- And if people from the alarmist/warmist side have good reasoned argument then we are willing to listen
- But every so often there are people who come here from the warmist side whose motivation is otherwise they have come across here to spoil it, to insult to disrupt the talk Like asking the same dumb questions, which someone patiently answers, only to find that the tormentor isn't interested at all in areal answer anyway..
- So we put up with the irritation and loss of time, for no reward.

- But now I want to trial something here that I have been testing for a while.
- The BH Troll Disloyalty REWARD SCHEME
- every so often you come up against those crossroads of decisions with an eco -component e.g. should you walk to the shops or drive ?
- should you compost the garden waste or have a bonfire ?
- should you take the ferry to france or get on a plane ?
- Now when I do I think "well I could take the eco -option that bloody idiot of a troll has annoyed me so much I think I'll take the non-eco option - I've EARNED it for putting up with that troll who has DISLOYALLY spoiled the debate.

So maybe you can try the same thing .. put up with the troll spoiling 20 minutes : That entitles you to 20 minutes burn up or your motor bike
- or collect them the irritations up and once you get enough you don't have to feel guilty about taking a flight to Switzerland you've earnt it

.... I don't know what the big dramagreens do to earn their freqent right to fly, but it never has been really about the CO2 has it ?

Maybe others would like to share below what little rewards they choose to take to reward themselves for putting up with trolls.

Nov 3, 2013 at 12:17 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

I save energy or don't purely on logic, though I refuse to put solar panels on my roof for reasons of social justice and not personal or environmental betterment. I do find myself caring less about the environment because of the insanity of warmist attitudes. I no longer trust a whole raft of charities because they've gone full stupid over AGW.

Also, my response to most science pronouncements on all subjects tends to be a dubious 'really?' Which is a sad reflection on the quality of science these days. Too many times I've been fooled by confident claims, only to see them over turned a few years later.

As for 'trolls' perhaps the answer is to create threads for them and whenever they interject irrelevant comments, direct them to their thread if they want to be answered. With one obvious exception.

Nov 3, 2013 at 11:36 AM | Unregistered CommenterTinyCO2