Important news on school costs
Oct 29, 2007
Bishop Hill in Education

Via the Adam Smith Institute blog, MJ Perry, a professor of economics from Michigan reports on tuition costs in US schools. It appears that private schools are cheaper than state schools.

Average private school tuition ($6,600) was about 1/3 less than the spending per pupil in public ($9,620) in 2003-2004 (the most recent year available), and average Catholic school tuition ($4,254) was less than half of public school spending per student.

It's been reported that the spend per pupil in UK state schools has rapidly been approaching levels in private schools. In fact, the government have often stated their desire to equalise the remaining imbalance. I've said in response that I believe that the only reason that private schools appear more expensive per pupil is because of all the fees they charge for fripperies like stabling for Matilda's pony and rifle range fees for Cuthbert.

This report from the US confirms that if only tuition is taken into account, private schools are cheaper.

Are there any arguments left for state education?

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