AEP and the GLCL*
Jan 11, 2016
Bishop Hill in Energy: wind

Detail from woodcut by Paul Bloomer Evans-Pritchard has an article in the Telegraph boldly declaring that the UK is backing away from wind power just as they become competitive with fossil fuels. The story seems to be that if only wind turbines could be made really, really huge, then everything would be OK.

Cue a barrage of graphs to support the (alleged) case.

"Great levelised costs lie?", I hear you ask.

You bet.

A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance concluded that the global average for the 'levelised cost of electricity' (LCOE) for onshore wind fell to $83 per megawatt/hour last year compared to $76-$82 for gas turbine plants in the US, or $85-$93 in Asia, or $103-$118 in Europe.

Ho hum.


*GLCL: Great levelised costs lie.

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