Holthaus thoroughly maued and knappenburgered
Jan 1, 2016
Bishop Hill in Climate: Surface

With all the stories of unprecedented weather in recent weeks it's important to observe that none of these claims ever seem to be accompanied by any historical context.

One of these stories has of course revolved around the warm weather at the North Pole. While much amusement was had at the hapless journalist from Time magazine who mistook the settlement of North Pole, Alaska for the actual North Pole, there is no doubt that the pole proper did experience a short burst of unseasonably warm temperatures, bringing the inevitable claims of impending apocalypse from the usual suspects. 

This week's midwinter melt at the North Pole is a scary preview of what’s to come later this century. https://t.co/vPuA2CyxkU

— Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) December 29, 2015

Kudos then to Ryan Maue of Weatherbell for making available his dataset of estimated temperatures for the Pole and to Chip Knappenburger of Cato, who has published the figures as the graph below.

Apocalypse cancelled.


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More from Chip Knappenburger on Twitter today:

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