Shelling out for windfarm operators
Aug 26, 2015
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament

A few weeks ago, and unnoticed by yours truly, David Davis MP took a step to address one of the most egregious practices of windfarm operators.

The big companies that build windfarms tend to put each of their developments in a separate shell company, with a small share capital and funding provided instead through a large loan from the parent company. With profits immediately passed up to the parent, the operating businesses will usually have no net assets, which means that if any large liabilities arise there is nothing available to meet them.

And liabilities certainly do arise. The most obvious ones are claims for damages from the neighbours, whose sleep patterns are disturbed by the noise and the flickering light. Further down the line of course there is the cost of removing redundant windfarms from the landscape. As it is, these costs will fall on the public.

Davis's Public Nuisance from Wind Farms (Mandatory Liability Cover) Bill would force windfarm operators to hold cash and insurance sufficient to cover against these costs. Its second reading is in September.

I don't think the subsidy junkies are going to like it.


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