IPCC runners and riders
Mar 17, 2015
Bishop Hill in IPCC

With the election of a new chairman of the IPCC to take place shortly, I was interested to be reminded of this article at American Thinker about one of the candidates for the role, Jan-Pascal van Ypersele.

Back in 2011, it seems that Dr van Ypersele was being commissioned to write papers by Greenpeace. Not to mention trying to blacklist dissenting scientists. I imagine from an environmental activist point of view he's the ideal candidate.

That said, the competition to be the green's guy at the helm of the IPCC is very hot. Chris "The world is staring down the barrel of climate change" Field and Thomas "the international community has to act now" Stocker are among the leading candidates and Ottmar "climate policy is about distribution of the world’s resources" Edenhofer waiting in the wings.

Oh yes, you see, the IPCC is about scientific advice, not policy prescriptions.


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