New Atlantis, same old problems
Feb 9, 2015
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Well you can't fault the green movement's persistence. With the National Theatre's Greenland having being a spectacular flop and last year's 2071 having apparently failed to set the pulse racing too, the London luvvies are having yet another attempt to bring the public on board.

The new show is called The New Atlantis and, being green, gets lots of free publicity courtesy of the BBC.

At the futuristic venue, The Crystal, on the Thames in East London, the cast of New Atlantis is rehearsing for the new production, named after a fictitious intergovernmental organisation managing water supply in the capital.

Various arguments about policy break out as the actors rehearse their lines. "Only centralisation of water management and the defence against greed and hostile use of the resource can continue New Atlantis' work," says the General.

"What is needed now is reform - we need to see changes in attitudes and changes in lifestyle," says another employee of New Atlantis.

This is immersive theatre, where, apart from set pieces, actors are obliged to go off script.

Cor, sounds good eh?

I looked for some reviews and found this:

In fact even the Guardian didn't like it. If at first you don't succeed...

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