Splitters, deniers, and circular firing squads
Dec 31, 2015
Bishop Hill in BBC, Greens

A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to the sight of Naomi Oreskes badmouthing a variety of climate scientists for having the temerity to support the expansion of nuclear power. Her use of the d-word caused shock among some parts of the green fraternity, who like to reserve it for people who disagree about the value of climate sensitivity. Oreskes' great contribution to uncivil society has been to apply this unpleasant term of abuse to those who disagree on policy measures too. Splitters, I tell you! Splitters!

And in an amusing development yesterday, we got a strong hint that this application of the d-word is expanding still further. The BBC's Matt McGrath did a piece on the UK's recent floods and failed to dwell with sufficient loving attention on the possible contribution of global warming. For this egregious sin against the faith he was roundly taken to task by carbon rentier Anthony Hobley.


Shocking piece of climate denial by @MattMcGrathBBC @BBCNews reporting on El Niño & #ukfloods https://t.co/g2Nb49OkIv

— Anthony Hobley (@arhobley) December 30, 2015


If this really is the beginning of a trend then it's probably time to lay in supplies of popcorn. It's going to be like the green movement forming itself up into a circular firing squad. 

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