Enforcing the dogma
Nov 2, 2015
Bishop Hill in Climate: Sceptics, Greens

Over the weekend, news emerged that the decision by French weatherman Philippe Verdier to come out as a sceptic has resulted in swift retribution.

The Head of Weather France 2, away from the antenna to its challenges to the consequences of global warming, aired Saturday night, a video claiming he was fired by the public channel.

Last year, Roy Spencer was widely criticised for referring to global warming Nazis. But as the list of those who have lost their jobs for questioning the orthodoxy grows, you have to ask yourself, was Spencer wrong?

In related news another weatherman has announced that he is not a sceptic any longer.

Greg Fishel was once a Limbaugh-loving climate skeptic. Now he’s fighting global warming.

You can see why that might be an attractive option.

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