Mackay bashes EU energy policy
Nov 17, 2015
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David Mackay is in the headlines this morning, having described the EU Green Energy Directive as "scientifically illiterate" in a forthcoming episode of Costing the Earth.  He takes a potshot Ed Miliband for the foolishness of his policy decisions. Excerpts were included in the Today programme this morning, alongside a response from Ed Davey, who comes over very badly in my opinion.

Inevitably a BBC journalist - Tom Feilden - has tried to spin Mackay's comments as an attack on the government. Fortunately Mackay has corrected him - given that the current government was not mentioned at all in the Today programme, Feilden was not even allowing himself a level of plausible deniability, which was a bit daft, even by BBC standards of shamelessness. The offending tweet has now been removed.


dr @davidjcmackay already responded to this tweet @TomFeilden.y did you delete & repost w/o correcting? #science #uk

— Gagan Sidhu (@thebrolster) November 17, 2015


The Today programme piece is well worth a listen. It's here.


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