Green transformation?
Oct 19, 2015
Bishop Hill

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I heard McGlade (Chief Scientist to the United Nations Environment Programme) as  well, and was duly appalled, especially when she said that people don't just go for solar or wind subsidies because of the money, but because there is a "sense of pride" that Britain could be  at the forefront of  renewable energy.  What alarmed me was the (?inadvertent ) slip that the intention of the programme  was " to transform the whole of society".   

Whatever next-  taking people to court because they don't agree with the "consensus"- and then re-educating them until they do?

The only bright spot, during the  hour before and no doubt with a much smaller audience, but surprising neverthless,  was the report of comments by Dominic Lawson, which said that most of the reports on the collapse of the steel industry had omitted to point out  part played by increased government green policies leading to distortion of industrial energy prices.


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