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Aug 6, 2014
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Brandon Shollenberger has a lovely post up looking at some recent comments by Skeptical Science insider Tom Curtis and Anders Thingummydoodle from the "And Then There's Physics" blog. Readers will remember Anders as the chap who berated me about one of my posts on Doug Keenan's work, saying that it was a physical model you needed in order to understand what was causing global warming. This despite my having said almost precisely that in the blog post.

Anyway, Anders has been sounding off about the Hockey Stick, accusing McIntyre and McKitrick of all manner of sins and demonstrating in the process that he has absolutely no idea of how Mann got from his raw data through to his final reconstruction. His allegations are therefore completely and utterly wrong.

This paper is five pages long. It is completely impossible anyone would look at it and think ten cherry-picked graphs were included in it. It might take all of thirty seconds to scroll through the paper and see such graphs aren’t in it.

And Tom Curtis's defence is little better

Curtis refers to the simulations McIntyre ran as creating “pseudo reconstructions.” That is wrong. These are pseudo proxies. Reconstructions are created by combining multiple proxies. Mixing such things up suggests a poor grasp of the issues at hand.

Bit of a car crash really. But read the whole thing. These guys are climate's very own Keystone Kops.

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