Paleoclimate, the movie
Aug 19, 2014
Bishop Hill in Climate: MWP

America's PBS has commissioned a documentary about paleoclimate science which will air at various times over the next few months depending on where you live. Entitled Taking Earth's Temperature, it features lots of familiar names, including Jonathan Overpeck (will he discuss getting rid of the medieval warm period?), Caspar Ammann (will he talk about Monte Carlo analysis?), Darrell Kaufman (will he be the right way up?), Bette Otto-Bleisner and Thomas Stocker.

Coming at a time when the topics of climate change and energy policy are seldom far from the headlines, Taking Earth's Temperature: Delving into Climate's Past shows the value and relevance of research into past climates. Researchers use their increasingly precise understanding of the past as a test for computer models aimed at explaining how the Earth's climate system and its energy balance work. If those models can accurately explain past changes, then they may also provide today's best possible look at what will happen in the future.

Taking Earth's Temperature: Delving Into Climate's Past - TRAILER from IDEA Lab Productions on Vimeo.



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