The BBC and its scientists
Jul 4, 2014
Bishop Hill in BBC

The last time the BBC Trust discussed a seminar of leading scientists that had informed their editorial policy they were infamously not telling the truth and, after many years of requests for information and fruitless internet searches, it was finally determined that the people involved were in fact almost without exception green activists or green scientivists.

It's therefore interesting to note this little snippet from the BBC Trust report discussed earlier today:

There was an in depth briefing for key editors and correspondents organised by the College of Journalism ahead of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on climate change, which was published in September. This consisted of a briefing from senior members of the IPCC, a panel discussion involving three climate change scientists representing a range of views and an internal discussion about the editorial implications for our output. We think this made a substantial contribution to balanced and proportionate coverage of the IPCC report.
So, again we see the BBC taking advice on its editorial content from unnamed third parties in secret. Despite the fact that attendees at similar meetings mentioned in the report are identified, the BBC seems strangely reluctant to mention the ones responsible for climate change coverage.
Funny that.
I think, given previous experience, that we should assume that the Trust are pulling the wool over our eyes again.
My guess is that the senior members of the IPCC would be Pachauri, van Ypersele, and somebody like Trenberth. The three climate change scientists, probably Bob Ward, Caroline Lucas, and Johnny Porritt.
What do readers think?
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