Bacon - is there anything it can't do?
May 29, 2014
Bishop Hill in Climate: other, Energy: biofuels

The ability of bacon to cure all known ills has long been recognised, but now, thanks to the global warming movement, its day of reckoning may be near. It seems that the humble bacon butty is causing global warming.

I kid you not.

Researchers have come closer to understanding why fatty acids, emitted in significant quantities by fast food outlets cooking meat, persist for so long in the atmosphere.

Yup, and these particulates cause global warming.

The presence of particulate matter in the atmosphere is a major health concern and may ultimately have significant climate change implications. Reports suggest that around a third of directly emitted aerosols above central London come from cooking...

But as a cloud looms in the shape of an imminent (no doubt) ban on the English breakfast, there is at least a silver lining because it seems that oil-based biofuels are also a major factor in the rise in oil-based particulates. So we might also ask: biofuels - is there anything they can't ruin?

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