A steady trickle
Oct 27, 2014
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament

There is a steady trickle of articles coming through about the absurdity of energy and climate change policy in the UK. Take a look at this from the FT:

Although not a total consensus, the 2008 policy was grounded on the broad acceptance of four cornerstone propositions, which over time have turned to dust. These core beliefs were:

* fossil fuel prices would rise inexorably as global demand exceeded supply;

* Europe could gain a material competitive advantage by being the first major region in the world to develop a low-carbon economy based on renewables;

* a gradually rising carbon price would increase the cost of externalities including air pollution and climate change, until renewables became fully competitive;

* the negative effects of higher energy costs on competitiveness would be mitigated by a global deal with all the world’s major economies making progress towards the common goal of reducing emissions.

The inconvenient truth is that none of these beliefs have proved to be true.

Could it be that word is finally going to get round that all this greenery is a liability at the ballot box?

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