The silence of the Manns
May 7, 2013
Bishop Hill in Climate: HSI, Climate: Mann, Climate: Sceptics


Judith Curry is highlighting a report by Emil Røyrvik of Norwegian outfit SINTEF, which looks at the climate wars in a not unbalanced fashion. Yours truly gets a mention:

[There are] allegations, not entirely unfounded (see section “Climategate” below), of for example seeking to “hide” the Mediaeval Warm Period (as well as the Little Ice Age) supposedly in an attempt to exaggerate and overstate the significance, unprecedentedness and man-made character of the current warming period. And when Mann in his book “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars” does not mention with a single word the comprehensive account and critique of the “hockey stick” made by Montford (2010) it just adds fuel to the fire.

I'm glad someone has picked up Mann's silence on Hockey Stick Illusion. It does cast Mann's protestations in an unfavourable light.

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