To hell with the environment - give us biofuels
Mar 6, 2013
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The House of Commons Delegated Legislation Committee is going to consider proposals for new biofuels subsidies today. The proposals are contained in the draft Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Order 2013, a Byzantine document that demonstrates conclusively that government involvement in the energy market will lead inevitably to disaster. Read this section for example.

Roger Harrabin has an article covering the hearings here. It gives interesting background for the uninitiated, but has some lacunae which need filling. Harrabin says on Twitter that he is unaware of whether this is EU legislation, but says that Germany and Holland have stopped subsidies. Some clarity over these questions would be useful, particularly as we know that an earlier EU biofuels directive was corrupt and was the result of subversion of the legislative process by vested interests.

Details of the committee members and of their discussions earlier in the week are here. The hearing will be streamed here at 2:30pm.

 [Update - it definitely is EU legislation. Parliament are rubber stamping EU corruption]


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