The MPs and the form letter
Mar 12, 2013
Bishop Hill in 28Gate, BBC

Tony Newbery has been looking at the responses given to a couple of people who contacted their MPs about 28gate and notices a certain similarity (or identity) in what MPs had to say. He is pondering what this says about the process of contacting one's parliamentary representative:

The availability of a form letter reply suggests that a considerable number of people contacted their MPs who, presumably, then contacted the oh-so-helpful folk at the BBC.

This then raises the question of whether MPs are simply contacting the BBC, who fob them off with a form letter, which the MPs then rewrite in their own words and pass on to the constituents. If so, it makes something of a nonsense of the whole process.

Tony is looking for other people who might have written to their MPs about 28gate. See the full post here.

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