Mar 10, 2013
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament, Energy: wind

Stuart Young, an anti-windfarm campaigner from the far north of Scotland, has issued a formal complaint to the presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament over the behaviour of Energy Minister Fergus Ewing. According to an article in the Press and Journal:

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has been urged to apologise to MSPs amid claims he "knowingly" allowed them to be misled about the impact of renewable energy on consumers' bills. Highland anti-windfarm campaigner Stuart Young has urged Holyrood's deputy presiding officer John Scott to take action against the SNP MSP for failing to correct his Nationalist colleague Mike MacKenzie. Speaking in a debate on February 21, the backbencher referred to "the myth consumers are paying very high premiums to subsidise renewables now known to be of the order of £21 per annum - a tiny fraction of annual fuel bills. Mr Young, a retired construction worker who stays near Thurso, claimed Mr Ewing knew the figure was actually £64.15...

Young's correspondence with Scott and Ewing, together with a dossier of background information can be seen via the link below.

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