I'm following Paul
Feb 9, 2013
Bishop Hill in Greens, Royal Society

Can I just recommend the Twitter feed of Paul Ehrlich to my readers. Try these choice excerpts from the last ten days or so.

disruption. Remember this when denier morons claim snow proves no warming. Just the opposite. .

and idiocy -- more on the WSJ's latest moron. Right wing struggling to find even dumber "analysts"

disruption. Arizona pol gives more evidence we'll never run out of morons

Friends of Fraud -- on the rampage

Tricky Dick pioneering the techniques of todays . Richard Nixon's Even-Darker Legacy

WSJ gibbing idiocy on no accident. Part of Murdoch empire's attempt to murder our grandkids for profit.

. Julian Simon proved by example long ago the ultimate resource, which will never be exhausted, is morons

For those who don't use Twitter, there is a thing called Friday follow, where you suggest good people to follow to your own followers. I think everyone on the dissenting side of the debate should be recommending Ehrlich. He's a hoot.

You can see why Paul Nurse and the other big wigs at the Royal Society would want to elect him a fellow. The voice of calm rationalism is just the thing don't you think?

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