More Deben conflicts
Sep 5, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament

In the comments to yesterday's Deben thread, Lord Beaverbrook notes that Deben's chairmanship of Veolia - a company that he says is mainly involved in installation of water meters - is doubly problematic. Lord B notes two statements on the website of the Committee on Climate Change:

Based on the application of the assessment toolkit in the ASC's third report, the ASC advises that the Government and water companies should take further steps to increase efficiency in water use, including through water metering and pricing. Increased uptake of meters will be particularly important in locations with current and future risks of supply-demand deficits.[Link]


We must take adaptation more seriously if we are to manage the growing risks of floods and droughts. This can be done by investing more in flood defences, faster roll-out of water meters and giving serious consideration to where and how we build our housing and infrastructure. Without action by households and businesses to prepare for these inevitable weather extremes the country faces rising costs, unnecessary damage and future disruption.[Link]

One wonders about the utility of a letter to the chairman of the E&CC committee, Tim Yeo. Given that his own interests are just as problematic, it is unlikely that any reaction would be forthcoming.

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