Yeo must go
Aug 15, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: Parliament, Energy, Politicians, Yeo

The Telegraph is reporting that Conservative backbenchers are increasingly unhappy with Tim Yeo's chairmanship of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee. It seems that the vast flows of cash he receives from renewables companies are now seen as unacceptable. Yeo apparently issued a statement to the Mail:

Not only have my interests been correctly registered at all times but... they were listed in full on the ballot paper circulated to all MPs when I was elected chair of the committee in June 2010.

Furthermore, I’ve held the views I’ve expressed regularly on renewable energy consistently and strongly since 1993, as many publicly available documents over the last 19 years show.

That the Commons elected him despite his conflict of interest in 2010 does not seem to be a good reason for him to keep his position now. Yeo must go.

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