Interview with Lord Oxburgh
May 7, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: other

Lord Oxburgh, the man who Sir John Beddington felt was the correct guy to run an inquiry into the Climatic Research Unit, is interviewed for Xynteo, a low-carbon advocacy group.

The more you look at Oxburgh, the more Sir John's conduct in recommending him for his role on the Climategate inquiry seems inconsistent with that of a civil servant.

As an aside, I was interested to see that David King and Gabrielle Walker are involved in Xynteo. Readers may remember that King and Walker wrote a book on climate change which featured a completely new hide the decline graph. I never did find out which of them was responsible.

Interestingly, Walker, whose website describes her as a freelance writer, is billed by Xynteo as "an expert on climate change and the energy industry" and "Xyntéo’s Chief Scientist". She was also apparently "previously Professor of Energy and Environment at Princeton University". I'm not suggesting that she wasn't at Princeton - it's just that the two different biographies struck me as odd.

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