Paterson on renewables
Oct 9, 2012
Bishop Hill in Energy: wind, Politicians

[Owen Paterson at the Conservative Party conference] warned renewable developments can upset communities and promised to make sure this is taken into account when subsidies for wind farms are put up for review.

"In my part of the world, local residents – 300 of whom turned up at a public meeting last week – are concerned about the impact of proposed wind farm pylons on their communities," he told the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

"Nearby, dairy farmers are being outbid for land by those who want to grow maize specifically for anaerobic digestion. These are the unintended consequences of renewable technology.

"They risk upsetting the delicate balance of interests that underpins our living, working countryside."

At the conference, John Hayes, the new energy minister, also said turbines and pylons are an intrusion on the countryside.

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