Down the carbon drain
Oct 12, 2012
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"If England's going down the drain with its energy policies, let's take Scotland with us"

 That must be what Davey is thinking- what else could explain this madness?

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey in a keynote address to the Low Carbon Investment Conference in Edinburgh.

He will announce:


£20m funding for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) R&D

Mr Davey will today launch a £20 million R&D project to help develop Carbon Capture and Storage, involving Howden and Doosan Power Systems based in Scotland.

The money is being invested by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to fund a 5MW carbon capture demonstration plant capable of capturing up to 95% of carbon dioxide emissions that will be designed, built and tested by 2016.

The technology will be designed for new-build or to retrofit Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power stations. The consortium developing the technology includes Howden Global and Doosan Power Systems CCS Centre of Excellence both based in Renfrew; MAST Carbon based in Basingstoke; and Inventys, based in British Columbia, Canada.

Mr Davey said:

“CCS is a key part of our aim to reduce carbon emissions from gas and coal in our future energy mix. The UK is a leading nation in developing this new technology and the project announced today is another important step to our goal of a cost competitive CCS industry.

“CCS is a prime opportunity for UK manufacturing and I am delighted to see Scottish based companies like Howden and Doosan Power Systems, as well as MAST Carbon based in Basingstoke, seizing the opportunity to create jobs for skilled workers and growth for the economy.”

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