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Jan 31, 2012
Bishop Hill in Climate: Cuttings

There's a lot of material floating round the climate blogosphere at the moment, none of which I really have time to do justice to, so here's a round up of what you are missing.

Katharine Hayhoe has posted up some of the emails she has received. One or two of them are very ugly, the rest still rude in a way that we can really do without. Given that Prof Hayhoe has been known to use the 'd' word I'm less sympathetic than I might be, but this is not to condone the messages she has been sent. I hope she eschews name-calling in future though.

Damian Carrington is horrified by the idea of environmental regulation being reduced. Planetary possibilities before people I guess.

This morning, tweeters of the left looked as if they were about to form a lynch mob based on David Attenborough's article accusing Nigel Lawson of cherrypicking data about polar bear populations. Attenborough didn't actually explain how Lawson was supposed to be cherrypicking data or indeed what his favoured interpretations of the data is, but for most it was good lefty against wicked right-wing tyrant, so no further evidence was required. If you read Ben Pile's article on the subject of polar bears, however, you discover that the data is being grossly misrepresented. I don't suppose Attenborough has read anything more than the Guardian on the subject though. If so, accusing Lawson of cherrypicking is rash, to say the least.

The David Rose article over the weekend is still causing outrage among upholders of the IPCC consensus, with the excitable Bad Astronomy blog the latest to weigh in. I was interested in the author's idea that the little ice age has been shown to be a Europe-only phenomenon. Is that right? I recall this Tibetan reconstruction which has what looks like a little ice age. Loehle et al - a global reconstruction - has one too.

A report has shown that biofuels produce higher greenhouse emissions than fossil fuels. This seems like a good time to remind ourselves of Friends of the Earth's call for a "biofuels obligation".



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