Climate cuttings 56
Jun 28, 2011
Bishop Hill in Climate: Cuttings

Here are a few bits and pieces that you may not have seen from the last few days.

Two years on, BH reader Jonathan Jones has managed to extract the CRUTEM data from UEA, with the Information Commissioner coming down almost completely against UEA's stonewalling. Huge kudos is due. Lucia is much amused by the commissioner's wording.

The Association of British Science Writers has issued its shortlist for this year's prizes. Fred Pearce's coverage of Doug Keenan's fraud allegations against Phil Jones is up for best investigative journalism. This is an odd one - given that Russell has said Jones did nothing wrong, surely Keenan's allegations are groundless? How can Pearce's article be prizeworthy? :-)

Lord Monckton upset lots of people by comparing a prominent Australian green to a Nazi. As a result, a campaign has been started to prevent Monckton from speaking at the University of Notre Dame. Irony is lost on some people.

A Scottish blog is reporting that green surcharges applied to consumers electricity bills may have no legal basis. Extraordinary if true.

Oliver Morton wonders whether the Guardian's Alok Jha should have disclosed the fact that the company he was writing about in his article on a new solar power centre was run by fellow Guardian columnist Jeremy Leggett. He is canvassing for people's opinions on the issue. Leggett says it's all fine and dandy.

David Stockwell has submitted a paper that will apparently demonstrate that recent warming is primarily due to solar variability - you can't see it at the moment though because it's under embargo until it's published.

And lastly, Roy Spencer looks at ocean heat and wonders if the missing heat that climatologists say is lurking down there somewhere isn't just missing.

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