Climate cuttings 55
Jun 17, 2011
Bishop Hill in Climate: Cuttings

L'affaire Greenpeace rumbles on. Richard Tol has posted some thoughts here:

That study also assumes rapid technological progress in renewables and none in fossil fuels. That is a silly assumption.

Meanwhile Joe Romm is on Mark Lynas's case. I expect to hear about Lynas's links to big oil very shortly.

Another story that has kept us interested for a few days, and which seems to still have legs, is the coming ice age. New Scientist says that the impact is likely to be much less than global warming:

The reality is that, while the sun may well be about to give us a shove in the direction of cool temperatures, the evidence suggests it won't be anything like enough to drown out the warming effects of our greenhouse gas emissions.

How do they know this? The models say so it seems.

James Taylor at Forbes looks at the upside of a warming world. Scibloggers are tweeting that his article is "stupid beyond mortal ken", but I'm not sure I understand why.

Tom Karl says that extreme weather events have increased, but notes that this kind of thing has happened before. Kevin Trenberth, reported in the same article, says we are doomed.

Records are not just broken, they are smashed. It is as clear a warning as we are going to get about prospects for the future.

And lastly, Judith Curry looks at the uncertainty monster again.

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