New working practices
Dec 19, 2011
Bishop Hill in Climate: Jones

David Holland's post on email 2526 has deservedly got a lot of attention, enabling sense to be made of many of the statements put forward by people as diverse as Jones, Acton and Russell. 2526 dated from the middle of 2008. A year later, however, there is another email that appears to suggest that Jones had adopted new working practices after his brush with FOI the previous year. Email 0021 involves a discussion between Jones and Manola Brunet, a Spanish climatologist. The important bit is the start of Jones' message.

Hola Manola,

I've saved emails at CRU and then deleted them from the server. Now I'm at home I just have some hard copies. 

Interestingly, the topic of the email thread appears to be nothing more suspicious than efforts to compile a new temperature dataset, so it's not obvious why Jones would be telling Brunet that he had deleted emails from the server - earlier emails are not obviously among the CG2 disclosures (If anyone wants to check more thoroughly and to look in CG1 as well, that would be useful.) Brunet is somewhat indiscreet in her response, so it may be that she is nervous that correspondence with Jones might be disclosable under FOI.

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