The Tyndall invoices
Nov 21, 2011
Bishop Hill in BBC, Climate: CRU

As we know, the Harrabin/Smith-organised Real World seminars were sponsored by, among others, the Tyndall Centre at UEA.

I have always felt the funding arrangements were perhaps less important than the identities of the people who attended and the fact that the BBC Trust misrepresented them (perhaps unwittingly). However, the funding arrangements seem to have caught the public attention and this prompted me to look more closely at the invoices sent to the Tyndall Centre.

Guess who the invoices were addressed to? It is a familiar name for anyone who has read the Climategate emails.

Here are two of the three (Click for full size)


Professor Hulme, was of course, one of the scientists who was involved in what appeared to be a plot to undermine the peer review process.

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