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Feb 14, 2010
Bishop Hill in Climate: Gore, Climate: IPCC

...because it must be April fool's day. Bob Watson has declared that there is a problem with global warming science because of all the errors that have been identified in the IPCC reports:

Professor Watson, who served as chairman of the IPCC from 1997-2002, said: “The mistakes all appear to have gone in the direction of making it seem like climate change is more serious by overstating the impact. That is worrying. The IPCC needs to look at this trend in the errors and ask why it happened.”

But here's the hilarious bit - as well as saying that the IPCC should look at where the problems came from, Bob Watson has another plan, this time to convince us all of the credibility of what we're being told:

Professor Watson has held discussions with Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, about creating a new climate research group to supplement the work of the IPCC and to help restore the credibility of climate science.

Al Gore! Restore the credibility of climate science!!?? This is a joke, right?

(H/T Lubos Motls)


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