Boulton braced for trouble
Feb 13, 2010
Bishop Hill

The Scotsman has been reading the blogs it seems, picking up on the work of readers here in unearthing Professor Boulton's background in global warming alarmism. Some recognition of this blog would have been welcome, but such is life.

Professor Boulton makes an attempt to defend himself:

Last night, on being questioned by The Scotsman, Prof Boulton insisted he was a "sceptical scientist" prepared to change his views "if the evidence merited".

...and we must of course take him at his word on this. However, the panellists must be free of even the appearance of bias if they are to win the confidence of sceptics, and it is for that reason that Professor Boulton is unsuitable.

I think there now has to be a major question mark over the whole of the Russell Review. With two of the five panellists appointed having been shown to have been wildly unsuitable, many will conclude that Muir Russell has set out to produce a predetermined result, not to reach the truth.

Maybe they need to start again.


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