Chasing Rainbows
Dec 10, 2010
Bishop Hill in Books, Economics, Greens

My review of Tim Worstall's book, Chasing Rainbows, has been slightly delayed, the reason being that my copy has been purloined by the missus. Now this is a rather remarkable thing, as 'er indoors more normally reads Aga-sagas and other genres of girl book. Economics just isn't really her thing.

But that's the nice thing about Chasing Rainbows - as a primer in environmental economics, it's wonderfully approachable, with Tim's good humour and good sense suffusing the whole thing. It's also admirably concise, running to little over a hundred pages, so few people are likely to be frightened off on that score.

It runs the gamut of current green concerns, from global warming to recycling and sneaks in all manner of economic education along the way. It should probably be gifted to every teenager as they leave the school system, by way of cleansing them of the years of indoctrination and idiocy with which they will have been drilled for the previous ten years. Even Lord Marland would be able to follow it. He would certainly derive considerable benefit from reading it. If he ever again describes job creation as a benefit of one of his government's madcap schemes, he deserves to be slapped round the head with a copy of Tim's magnum opus. On this score one might wish Tim had written a few more chapters...

Either way, it's a little gem, it really is.


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